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United we stand.
Divided we fall.

Dear New Friend,

First, let me thank you… as soon as you checkout, your report, Safe Harbor Income Builders: Stocks the Will Pay You in the Increasingly Volatile World, and your FREE reports will be on their way. You’ll receive an email from me with a link to start reading them immediately. And then we’ll get your hard copy in the mail to you right away.

But before you go, I hope you’ll read this urgent message… and frankly I don’t send it to everyone. I see something in you that I don’t see in most people… a desire to take care of yourself… self-reliance… tenacity… independence.

Just know that you are one of a dying breed… you should be proud of yourself! I know I’m proud of you.

You see, when I was a kid growing up, I was so proud of America. My country, for whom countless men and women have fought hard to protect and uphold, was the leader of the known world.

Other countries looked to the United States and idolized our republic, our just leaders, our constitution, our free enterprise system... and our liberties. Even our enemies had a healthy respect for these United States of America.

That image from more youthful days is all but gone.

You don’t have to look much further than Washington to understand why. Our politicians are well-versed in doublespeak. Our government is a facade, and we the American people have been tricked and taken advantage of for far too long. America has irrevocably changed.

As a result, our country has become fractured. The resulting crevices are cancers by which those inside and outside of our borders are slowly and deliberately eating away at America’s backbone, and if we are not vigilant, there will soon be little left that resembles our once mighty nation. Not even our constitution—the marrow upon which our liberties thrive—is beyond the spread of this affliction.

So here we are… painfully aware that now—more than any other time in history—there is a growing faction of people in this country who are willing to throw away everything our founding fathers stood for…

That our financial security is subject to the whims of Wall Street’s greediest thieves…

That those we elect and send to Washington should never be our only defense against losing the liberties we’ve fought to hold onto for more than 225 years…

And that even our spiritual ideals—the belief in one nation under God—are not beyond reproach.

But even though all of this is quite daunting, I’m filled with renewed hope—thanks to you and the tens-of-thousands of others who read my newsletter. I’d like to again sincerely thank you for your purchase of my guides. It’s how I know we are like-minded people. But frankly, it’s just the first step…

Because to escape this grand design to steal your liberty and your wealth and transfer it into the pockets of elite power brokers, you must truly understand what’s going on. One must divest himself of conventional wisdom and see the world in a new light.

And that’s exactly what you do each time you open an issue of The Bob Livingston Letter.

You can be proud to be part of a growing community of true-grit Americans— individuals who look at the world a little differently, question authority and are actively preparing for the days ahead by making The Bob Livingston Letter® an indispensable part of their plan to survive… and keep alive the American values they treasure.

For members of this community—including you—The Bob Livingston Letter® is an essential and timely straight-talk “survival” guide focusing on EVERYTHING that has real meaning and impact on your quality of life.

That includes:

Plus, The Bob Livingston Letter® community extends to a virtual underground network of people in-the-know—Washington insiders, financial, health and survival experts and rebels who refuse to accept the status quo.

These people see the trouble ahead, and refuse to become helpless victims—or allow you to be! That’s why my subscribers are privy to all that they have to offer, including expert advice and distinctive product offerings that can help you become as independent, healthy and wise as you want to be!

I’d like to invite you to subscribe to The Bob Livingston Letter®. And I believe you will because you know you belong in this community of self-reliant individuals.

I believe you and I—and the rest of The Bob Livingston Letter® community—share that same childhood vision of America, and together people like us can effect change that will restore her glory. But we have to stick together!

That’s why I want to make you my very best offer to subscribe today.

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Bob Livingston
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