The Great Inflation
Deception: Bureaucrats
and Bankers are Burgling
Your Money

Here’s What Buffett, Gates and
Soros are Doing Right Now
to Protect Themselves.

Dear Imperiled Reader:

I’m not the only one who sees the danger.

Mega-investors Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Soros and John Paulson are all running from the supposedly "strong" U.S. dollar like scalded dogs before it’s value is stolen right out from under them.

I am writing to you today because the next four years will be “more of the same” for your money.

It will continue to be stolen because Trump won’t have the time — or maybe even the power — to stop the theft.

So it is vital you act on what these billionaires, a former Federal Reserve Chairman, and even a past Treasury Secretary are already preparing for.

It’s a horrible but still little-understood truth:

The U.S. dollar is on a steady downward death spiral from carefully hidden inflation.

This stealth inflation continues to slash the buying power — and steal the value — of millions of unsuspecting Americans’ life savings.

Let me bring you up to speed.

Unlike the inflation-ravaged 1970s, today’s official government statistics have been systematically gutted.

This cover-up conceals what many U.S. investors and retirees already suspect or sense: “My dollar doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to.”

If you’ve had that feeling, then it is time to listen to that little voice in your head and take the action I am about to suggest.

I need to rush you our new mega-manual, Ultimate “End of the Dollar” Defense Manual: How to Hedge Against — and Prosper from — the Great Hyperinflation Deception.

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Hard Times Ahead if You Are on
A Fixed Income and Unprepared

Hidden inflation is a threat to your future comfort, big time! It means your stock portfolio is worth less than you think. It also reduces your future ability to pay for fuel, electricity, food, health care, and other basic daily needs. And it is especially merciless to people who assume they can live comfortably on a fixed income.

Analyst John Williams of the remarkable “Shadow Government Statistics” cites credible evidence of almost 10% inflation rate instead of the government’s reported sub-2% rate. He notes, “The basic elements for a dollar collapse and an eventual hyperinflationary environment in the U.S. remain locked in place.”

Even the normally bullish, pro-Wall Street editorial page of The Wall Street Journal conceded, “Fasten your seat belts and get ready for more bumpy flying in the Fed’s cloudy skies.”

BEWARE! “World’s Biggest Pyramid
Scheme” Is Going to End Brutally

Respected forecaster George Whitehurst-Berry has explained in more blunt language: “We are in the terminal stages of the world’s most gigantic pyramid scheme,” referring to the inflationary wave now impoverishing millions while making a handful of smart and ahead-of-the-curve thinking investors rich.

For millions of Americans completely vested in dollar denominated stocks and bonds, it can’t be very reassuring that one of the savviest investors and political insiders in the country, George Soros, has directed that his blind trust be geared toward what the respected Kiplinger newsletter says is a bet on, “a rise in inflation and on a decline in the value of the dollar against foreign currencies.”

It’s Looking Like the 1970s All
Over Again. Protect Yourself and Prosper
Like America’s Most Savvy Investors

You deserve to be just as protected against the coming inflation wave as Warren Buffett and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates — that’s why I want to send you the inside information and strategies they already know, before it’s too late.

As this Special Subscriber Briefing shows with shocking urgency, now is the time to make basic preparations to come out ahead in the collapsing value of dollar-denominated assets — to not be a victim or a sucker. I have no intention of being either, and I know you feel the same way.

At the end of this letter I will tell you how to get the newest, most authoritative source of information about hidden inflation, how it is ripping you off, and what you can do to protect yourself. The Ultimate “End of the Dollar” Defense Manual is probably among the most important guides I have ever offered. You can’t find this information anywhere else and you haven’t a moment to lose.

Get the Best Insurance Policy
In America Today — Bar None!

For now though, it is imperative you read this Special Subscriber Briefing immediately. You have my personal word of honor you’ll be glad you did. Why? It will bring you up to speed on:

  • Shockingly deceptive government statistics that will make your blood boil — on a scale unprecedented in our history. All designed to encourage millions of uninformed U.S. investors to keep their money in highly-vulnerable dollar-denominated financial instruments only. Even when everyone in the know is running for the exits.
  • Virtually unreported dire warnings from America’s top investors and former top government officials. Even the Comptroller of the U.S. confirms what investors and steadily-rising gold prices are pointing to: The impossible financial pickle the government finds itself in.
  • Understand all the NEW options you have to protect yourself from the coming inflation tsunami — far above and beyond what smart people had in the 1970s to make themselves rich even as most Americans saw their life savings ravaged by inflation.
  • The government’s secret manipulation of the gold market downward — and why hiding grim inflation statistics from millions of investors is coming to a nasty and brutish end.

Little-Understood Government Debt Crisis
Fuels Hidden Inflation: Your Assets are
Debased to Fund Federal Insolvency Crisis

I don’t like being lied to. And I don’t like being ripped off. So the first step is to understand the government’s shocking financial dilemma — how serious and unprecedented it is and how they are making “their” problem into “your” problem. (At least if you don’t act quickly).

Since the 2007-2009 financial scare and great Recession, the Federal Reserve has been quietly printing trillions of dollars and expanding credit to “pump up” the U.S. economy. Yes, it propped up the stock market but further diluted the real value of all dollar-determined assets — especially stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Forbes magazine says the Federal Reserve, “has been printing money at an inflationary pace and at a faster clip than the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, or the European Central Bank.”

You see, by watering down the value of the dollar assets, it is much easier for federal bureaucrats to pay off their massive unfunded liabilities and other obligations.

Here’s the rub: Congress has saddled taxpayers the equivalent of $614,286 in credit card debt per U.S. family of four (according to the Government Accountability Office, newly published data shows that the federal government has amassed $76.4 trillion in debts, liabilities, and unfunded Social Security and Medicare obligations).

How do they meet these obligations? Simple! Print dollars.

Here’s How You Are Getting
Ripped Off, Big-Time!

Okay, fancy phrases like “currency readjustment” and “monetizing the debt” don’t really sound so bad. But you should know they’re words designed to confuse you: they just mean inflation.

So how does hidden inflation actually rip you off? Consider this:

  • The dollar has lost more than 92% of its purchasing power since 1971 — when you could buy the best car on the dealer’s lot for a mere $4,000.
  • Financial Sense University analyst Mike Maloney notes it took almost 45 ounces of gold to buy one share of the DOW in 1999 — today it takes less than 20. In other words, if you sold one share of the DOW today, you could buy only 19 ounces of real money — that’s a hidden DOW crash of 58%.
  • If gold backed the world’s debt today, many credible experts believe it would be worth nearly $34,000 an ounce! (Which is why a little farther down in this letter I am going to tell you about a highly-secretive Treasury agency that does nothing but manipulate the price of gold downward — to prevent retail investors from realizing the growth of the DOW is little more than an inflation-driven statistic, and not a reflection of wealth creation).

What this boils down to is you are being ripped off, BIG-TIME! The value of any dollar-valued asset — whether it’s in a 401K or some kind of money market fund — could be worth dramatically less than when you bought it, even though technically it’s gone “way up.”

In fact highly successful financial analysts such as Marc Faber, who has told his investors since 2000 to buy gold (when everyone thought it was a joke) has warned the U.S. is in a situation “in which consumer-price inflation comes back and will have a tremendous negative impact on the valuation of assets.”

How the Grand Inflation
Deception Works

Official inflation statistics as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) are manipulated downward by the government to convince people to stay in the U.S. stock market. Or as respected analyst Mike Maloney notes, “The only reason the DOW looks like it is going up is because the Fed has pumped so many dollars into the currency supply that all asset classes are rising.”

Here’s how millions of unsuspecting investors and retirees are being duped into trusting fiat money — backed by nothing (fakery that I’ll explain in a minute) — on which most of the U.S. stock market is based:

  • In early 2006, the Federal Reserve Board stopped publicizing its “M3” statistic — the broadest, most accurate official indicator of money supply and future inflation. The move was seen by respected “Fed watchers” as a sign of strong inflationary pressure. What’s ominous about the cloak of secrecy slapped on M3 is the Fed still collects this data, but is now actively hiding from Wall Street, the bond market, and millions of investors just how much artificial credit (phony money) has actually been pumped into the economy.
  • Under the Clinton Administration, the CPI inflation index stopped using straightforward arithmetic and substituted something called “geometric weighing,” essentially giving government bureaucrats the “wiggle room” to substitute hamburger in the place of steak when steak prices shot through the roof. In short, government officials use “geometric weighing” to artificially understate CPI numbers to the investing public.
  • Another CPI inflation deception is the “cherry-picking” of data. Wall Street pollyannas frequently cite “core” annual inflation numbers as “proof” inflation is under control. In reality, energy and food are not counted in the month-to-month numbers — or year-over-year numbers. Leaving out food and energy make it appear inflation is much lower than it actually is.

Of course all these fancy deceptions are not entirely lost on all Americans. We all know about thieves stripping copper from constructions sites, and how nickel and zinc and copper are so expensive it costs more to make our coins than they’re worth.

Metal values have soared and the hard value of the dollar has plunged.

You know this if you’ve been to grocery store lately, bought a house, tried to buy anything…

Source: David Stockman

Even in today’s dollars we have tremendous inflation just since 1975… and we get paid less.

I’m not even going to show you the cost of living chart since the turn of the century because it will make you very upset.

Did you know that today’s dollar can only buy about 7% of what it could buy in 1900? Compare that to gold, which today buys 150% of what it could in 1900. Gold has skyrocketed to 75 times as much purchasing power as the dollar.

Daily Reckoning notes: “The government’s promise of a stable dollar reeks. Like the breathless pledge of a toothy codger to a hooker. Not sober. Not to be trusted. And it’s certainly not something you should rely on for your investment future.”

How the Government Has Kept a Lid on
It’s Inflation Monster So Far…

The government’s inflation deception is even uglier than what I’ve told you so far. To protect the illusion Wall Street dollar-denominated assets are “rising” in value, a highly-secret quasi-government agency known as the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” (ESF) works with other governments to artificially force the market price of gold downward.

Let me explain how this scam works:

  • The Exchange Stabilization Fund answers directly to the president and treasury secretary with little Congressional oversight (in fact members of Congress I’ve spoken with seem to know nothing about the ESF).
  • The ESF directly intervenes in the gold market by aggressively buying and selling the precious metal to prevent it from finding its “natural price” against the DOW (which many experts believe is $2,000-$3,000 per ounce).
  • In 2001 the Fed stopped referring to the ESF in its public statements. But in 2005, Fed officials mistakenly published minutes of old meetings in which the ESF was mentioned. The document confirmed what Treasury officials have denied for years: ESF actively manipulates the price of gold downward on the international market.

Despite ESF’s efforts, the market price of gold has risen 200% since 2001. The government’s hidden inflation numbers strongly suggest gold is vastly undervalued and will eventually find its true level of worth no matter what federal bureaucrats do to suppress its natural “float” price.

The bad news is most Americans are in for a rude awakening. Especially when they realize the core value of their life savings have been gutted, and what dollars they do have buy far less gas, food, health care, and other hard basic essentials than they have been counting on. It will make the 1970s look like a picnic.

Your Assets are Under Systematic,
Insidious Attack

What this all boils down to is the value of your assets is under systematic attack through hidden inflation, which allows the government to service its massive obligations with cheap fiat currency.

The conditions are now ripe for a “perfect storm” of massive dumping of less valuable dollars, further inflating the already too-liquid U.S. money supply. Once Americans and foreign holders of U.S. debt realize how debased our currency has become — and China has already begun the process — the accelerated dumping of U.S. dollars could easily have catastrophic consequences for you if you are caught flat-footed.

So now that I’ve explained the problem, let me tell you about YOUR PERSONAL SOLUTION. For over a year my research staff and I have been busily preparing a brand-new manual with a practical, easy-to-implement game-plan appropriate to inflationary times, the Ultimate “End of the Dollar” Defense Manual.

ALERT! Why You MUST NOT Fall for the
Illusion of “Sector Diversification”

What really motivated me to do this project is one of the biggest myths I have seen in years: The false security of “diversification.” Your broker and the Wall Street media tout the value of diversification — and in theory they are right! BUT mostly their diversification is limited to dollar-denominated stocks and bonds. Never forget — anything denominated in dollars loses its purchasing potency with each passing month.

What YOU need to know about is true diversification — among currencies, stock markets, financial instruments, and precious metals which are not tied directly to the sinking dollar.

Yes, most brokers recommend investment in many sectors of the U.S. economy but this is of little value if ALL your investments are tied to a declining dollar and inflation which artificially pumps up the “value” of dollar-denominated Wall Street assets.

Come Into the Real World of
Wealth Creation and Protection, NOW!

You absolutely need my just-off-the-presses blockbuster, Ultimate “End of the Dollar” Defense Manual: How to Hedge Against — and Prosper from — the Great Hyperinflation Deception.

To develop this must-read work, we began by systematically researching what far-sighted individuals did to prosper during the inflation-ravaged 1970s, which even the federal government admitted was in excess of 22% annually. But we added an important feature:

Today there are many MORE options in the form of financial instruments and tactics that can preserve the value of your assets. So instead of wasting time you really don’t have for thousands of hours of research, you can get all of these options at your fingertips right now.

This manual is not a “report” that complains and informs but little else. It shows you how to prosper — especially if the coming inflation tsunami is as devastating as the indications suggest it is going to be. Even better, it is designed to help you without having to make radical changes to the way you live or invest. Quite simply, it is the very best insurance policy money can buy.

Of course, there are lots of “gold bugs” out there. Heck, I’m one too! This manual also goes far beyond precious metals. You need a comprehensive strategy to not be ripped off by the government’s inflation deception — not a bunch of theories, but practical steps you can take right now so you are not left holding the bag.

I guarantee even if you have an inflation-hedged portfolio, there is a great deal to learn in our inflation manual. Everything you need to know, I promise.

Don’t Follow the Herd Off the Cliff:
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You need Ultimate “End of the Dollar” Defense Manual. It contains information the Wall Street media will never share with you, such as:

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  • Special Analysis: Who is killing the dollar, and how they are doing it… by crumbling the “Three Pillars” that have protected the U.S. economy.
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  • The “Rule of 72’ that savvy investors use to know how much their money is really worth, PLUS, three steps you must take right away to prepare for a possible banking collapse.
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  • Simple steps to TRUE diversification in an inflationary environment — using all new financial instruments not available to investors during the 1970s.
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  • How to use the secret onshore tax haven and wealth builder used by the privileged, corporations, and the very wealthy.
  • How to lower your taxes and get leverage against the government in retirement.

The information in Ultimate “End of the Dollar” Defense Manual cannot be found anywhere else.

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