Top Secret Private
The Real Power That Pulls the Strings

It’s time you met the INNER CIRCLE of global politicians, billionaires, academics, anarchists and Wall Street insiders now planning to confiscate your savings, your pension, your private assets, and even your health in the next 12 months.

Here’s what you must do NOW to protect yourself…

Dear Friend,


How Hillary Clinton can accept millions of dollars to her Foundation from Middle Eastern countries that treat women like SLAVES… and be celebrated by the media as a “champion” of women’s rights?

It’s because the global elites have already paid for her obedience.  So she will do their bidding.  And their media allies have been told “nothing to see here… move on.”

Why did Republicans roll OVER on the Iran deal for Obama and CHANGE the rules so it would get officially “rubber-stamped?”

Hmmm… think it might have something to do with the lobbyists for Boeing who just got a $27 BILLION order for 118 planes from… wait for it… IranAir.  None of this would have been possible if the Iran sanctions had not been lifted.

Oh… and by the way, The National Review reported that IranAir was “basically an arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps… best known for providing material support to Hezbollah and the Assad regime.  Indeed, in 2011 the Treasury Department designated IranAir as a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction.”

Nothing to see here…  right?  But there’s so much more.  Have you ever pondered…

Why has “climate change” become SO pervasive among politicians and elites while it consistently polls at the BOTTOM of the list for ordinary Americans?

Is climate change a greater threat than a jihadist with a nuclear weapon?  That’s what George Soros and the globalists want you to think.  It’s what the media wants you to think.  It’s what governments are DEMANDING to be taught to your kids.

And if you have even the slightest skepticism?  You, my friend, are a “denier.”  It’s a scarlet letter of shame and ignorance.

I’m not going to get into the mud on this.  I’m just going to ask you ONE question.  If climate scientists are SO smart, and their computer models are SO accurate… how come no one has come up with a working model that predicts the STOCK MARKET?

You’ve got all the historical data you need.  You know every possible stock market variable for over 100 years.  And you’ve certainly got a profit motive.

I’ll tell you why it hasn’t happened.  It’s because the stock market is too complex, with too many variables.  And our climate is exponentially more complex.

So their computer models are pure junk that require constant “jiggering” and cover-ups to conceal the truth.

So why are they SO insistent?  Why is the media on board?  Why has climate change become a fanatical religion with its own enforcers?

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Also in this report:

  • The shocking truth about the coming bank collapse.
  • Why banks and the Feds are secretly planning to confiscate your savings and your pension plan.  It’s already begun.
  • The END of the stock market.  Why only 6 of the over 5,000 stocks to choose from will ever make you money.
  • How to legally make your money invisible to Uncle Sam.  The trick that turns $200,000 into $795,000 — TAX-FREE.
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PLUS our 8 relentlessly accurate predictions
for the next 12 months:  War with Russia & China.
Amnesty for all illegals.  And more…

The answer takes us to the heart of America’s, secret, shadow government.  And it’s not in America at all.

It’s called The Club of Rome.  And get this, it’s not even in Rome.

The Club of Rome, dear friend, is based in Zurich, Switzerland.  And they’ve been working silently, behind the scenes, to alter your life (and your children’s lives) in ways that will positively horrify you.

Let’s take a closer look…

The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 by an elite group of academics, environmentalists, ex-politicians, and businessmen.

They all share a common belief that the world was going to Hell, and that they had to be the invisible catalyst for change.

They believe that mankind was ignorant and self-destructive, and had to be quietly molded to their vision of the future.

They have utter disdain for individual human rights and liberties.  You can’t be trusted to live a productive life… they want to decide how you live.

They actually believe they are a wiser, more advanced form of human who knows what’s best for Mother Earth.

But this is just some obscure “Think Tank”
of grumbling Elites, right?

Wrong, The Club of Rome has been profoundly active, behind the scenes, in virtually every major country on Earth.

They’ve influenced politicians, enacted hidden agendas, and even affected laws in your local community. Remember, the members are among the most powerful and influential people on the planet, including…

  • Al Gore, the ex-senator, VP, and self-proclaimed savior of mankind from the global warming threat.  The more fearful you become the richer he gets.  He chaired a secret meeting in Washington D.C., as far back as 1997. 
  • Anne Ehrlich, a population biologist and wife of Paul Ehrlich, the environmental doomsayer who’s been wrong on almost every prediction.
  • Prince Hassan bin Talal, president of the Arab Thought Forum, and named as the United Nations “Champion of the Earth.”
  • Sir Crispin Tickell, former British representative to the United Nations and Chairman of the “Gaia (Mother Earth) Society.”
  • The Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet.
  • Kofi Annan, former secretary general of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

And that’s just the beginning.  Recognize these names?

Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Ted Turner, Tony Blair, Deepak Chopra, Jane Goodall, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Helmut Kohl, plus dozens more.

Oh, and don’t forget the kings, queens, and royalty who are members. 

Like King of Spain, Juan Carlos, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Prince Philippe of Belgium, Karan Singh, the former prime minister of India.  And many, many more.

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8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW


And it’s just the beginning.  Here’s what we said:

The FBI has warned of increased local attacks, citing a posting on a jihadist web forum advocating “open source jihad” and “lone wolf operations” by U.S. Muslims against a list of potential targets including military, law enforcement, FBI personnel, government officials, media figures, and the general public too.

Orlando attack

That’s exactly what happened in Orlando, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg from what our intelligence sources are saying.  In our 8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW report, we’ll deliver the critical details you need to know now — before you travel, go to the mall, watch a sporting event, or even spend an afternoon in the park with your family.

Keep reading to see how to get your copy of this brand-new, urgent report FREE… plus how you can get ongoing early warnings from our intelligence insiders.

These people are intimately connected to
every government on Earth, including the USA.

When they call, there is no politician that does
NOT pick up the phone.  But what impact do
they have in your life right now?

Let’s start with the “crisis” of climate change.  From the very start, The Club of Rome members were searching for a global “cause” that would unite the world government and trigger the implementation.

Climate change was perfect.  It didn’t have to be true.  It just had to be BIG.  Here, in their own words, is what happened…

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.

“All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.

“The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

And how about this lovely quote from The Club of Rome member, Maurice Strong.  He’s positioned to make billions thanks to the global warming scam… and he’s the founder of the United Nations Environment Programme.

“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the
industrialized civilizations collapse?

“Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

The Club of Rome

Scary… isn’t it?  And it’s already begun.  The invisible hands of The Club of Rome are affecting your life, your freedom, and your money.  Just look…

The Club of Rome was the hidden impetus behind Agenda 21, a United Nations blueprint designed to influence and transform national and local governments worldwide.

The purpose?  To control your money, and your life from birth to death — all in the name of saving the environment. But how do you do that?

They want your money.

First, you need to redistribute wealth from the rich (meaning YOU) to the poor (meaning everyone else on the planet).

Higher taxes, fees, and penalties.

That means higher taxes, a flood of new fees, fines, restrictions, and regulations. These are absolutely perfect ways to get your money because “it’s for your own good.”

Gas, heating oil, energy costs MUST skyrocket.

Gasoline must be made virtually unaffordable — forcing you into grimy public transit, and taking those nasty cars off the roads.

Heating oil must be made SO expensive that you start to lower your thermostat out of financial necessity.

The Bureau of Land Management must
confiscate all the land it can.

Open lands, particularly in the Western states, must be taken over by the government and restored to a natural state.  People need to be pushed into living in urban areas only — in high-density, eco-friendly housing projects jammed into the smallest plot of land possible.

The population must be made DEPENDENT
on the largesse of the Elite.

Agenda 21

Through a tightening circle of taxes, rising prices, regulations, and restrictions, the American people will be “herded” into pens, and become utterly dependent on the largesse of the arrogant Elite.

Like Representative Nancy Pelosi…

“The principles embodied in Agenda 21 present a framework for environmental action that should be pursued at all levels of society  —  in our schools, local communities, governments, and in our lifestyles…”

In 1992, the Agenda 21-inspired bill — Pelosi was pushing — passed. And the regulators were off to the races.

LOOK at your own life.  The SIGNS are everywhere.

You see it at the checkout counter in the supermarket.  You look at groceries on the conveyor and your head says “…about $50 or so.” Then the cashier asks for $85.

You’ll see it in the rising cost of commuting through tolls, taxes, and gas (which is due to skyrocket very soon).

You see it in your children as they are indoctrinated to believe that climate change is the greatest threat to humanity, and socialism is actually OK.

You see it in popular media and culture as the United States, the only hope for liberty on the planet, is diminished, demeaned, and quietly erased from the history books to make room for a new global order.

Once you start seeing these signs you will never be able to erase them from your soul.

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8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW


The Breakup of the European Union

The Breakup of the European Union

Even the guy who founded the euro says it’s time for it to go. Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who launched the euro, now labels it a “catastrophic” currency that is “leading to disaster” and calls for a break-up of the euro to let southern Europe recover.

The breakup of the euro will cause major up-heavals in the currency markets and considerable confusion as governments, banks, corporations, and investors scramble to sort out how to handle it.  We will explain exactly how to protect yourself in your FREE report — 8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW.

So WHAT can you do?

It’s TIME to take back control of your life,
and the lives of those you love.

It’s TIME to say “STOP!” to arrogant Elites like
Obama, Clinton, Congress, and The Club of Rome.

It’s time for YOU to join the ranks of the PROTECTED. 
We’ll start by telling the Government…

“Hands OFF My Money.”

In order to grab your money, it’s necessary for the system to restrict your access to it.

And the banking system is working on that right now.  One of our intelligence gatherers recently found a little-publicized news story about an unusual “drill” being conducted at a Wells Fargo bank branch.

The drill was conducted in off hours when the bank was closed.  And the personnel were prohibited from discussing the matter with the public.

But as always, we found the truth.

The source was a person claiming to be a Wells Fargo bank teller.  The secret drill was in preparation for an imminent “emergency scenario.” Management called it a “routine drill.”  But it was the first such drill in her three years at the bank.

So what exactly did they do?

First, the security guards closed and locked the doors and were instructed to allow only three customers inside at a time.  The scenario anticipated, a frantic, angry mob outside the bank doors.  Crowd control was the first priority.

And the guards were going to be armed with guns.

Second, the bank itself reduced the amount of actual cash held in the safe.

Third, the tellers were instructed on how to handle angry depositors after they were told they had little, or even NO access to their accounts.

When a journalist called the Wells Fargo headquarters for additional details on the drill, they received a two-word answer.

“No comment.”

OK, so let’s just figure this one out by ourselves.

Depositors in Cyprus

Why would they shut the doors of your local bank?  Obviously, they’re anticipating a run on the bank due to a possible economic collapse. 

That’s exactly what Maurice Strong, from The Club of Rome, was rooting for earlier in this letter!

But they can’t just let you walk away with your money… they have better ideas for it.

That’s why they’re putting guards with guns between you and your money.

If you’re thinking you’ll just use your debit or credit cards, think again.

Debit and Credit Cards Won’t Work Anymore.

Your ATM will be shut down… or limited to $20 withdrawals “for your own good.”

The politicians and their media cronies will tell you, “it’s only temporary… everything is under control and we’ll be back to normal in a week or so.”

But after a week, the banks and ATMs are still closed.

Two weeks?  Still closed.  And you have zero access to all your money.

Finally, after three weeks, angry creditors are allowed back in the bank, and the ATM’s blink back on.

There’s only one problem…

40% of Your Money is GONE.

It’s been “taken” for the greater good. 

“We had to,” the politicians say.  “You ought to feel lucky… you could have lost it all.


LUCKY… my a$#!!!

Our politicians just love this scenario because it makes the whole population dependent upon their largesse and charity.

But this is just a fantasy… it’s not really going to happen, right?


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8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW


War with Russia

Last fall Russia tested NATO defenses with sorties of fighters, bombers, and tankers probing very close to NATO airspace, spurring countries including the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Norway to scramble interceptors.


Putin blames the U.S. for most of the world’s troubles. Speaking of wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria, Putin accused the U.S. and its allies of “fighting against the results of its own policy.  The probability of a series of acute conflicts with indirect and even direct involvement of major powers has sharply increased,” he said. “Ukraine is an example of such conflicts that influence a global balance of forces, and, I think, not the last one.”

Our network of insiders are working now to give you the inside story you may never see in the mainstream media. You’ll hear all about it in your FREE copy of 8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW.

It’s already happened in Cyprus.  To help pay for government debt the banks confiscated a stunning 47.5% of the depositor’s savings that exceed $100,000 euros.  It’s not coming back… it’s gone.

It’s starting in Greece too.  The prime minister recently ordered immediate confiscation of “idle” funds set aside in pension funds and regional governments.

Private savings accounts are just a government order and a few clicks away.

Yes… but that could never happen right here in the good old USA, right?

Baloney.  Why do you think they are practicing the security measures for a bank run at Wells Fargo?

Why do you think that J.P. Morgan recently decided to limit some ATM withdrawals to $1,000?

And why do you think that it’s FEDERAL law that the money you stash in your local bank is “technically” NOT yours anymore?

Wait… Your Money is NOT Yours Anymore?

It’s true, the moment you put your money in a bank savings or checking account it is no longer your property.

In legal terms, it is an “unsecured debt” that’s owned by the bank.  Your bank statement and balance is basically an IOU.

Your friendly banker then uses your cash to spin the roulette wheel on Wall Street.  If they lose money on those bets (called derivatives), they have complete and utter authority to use your money to pay off their debts.

When it comes to your debts, like paying a mortgage, tuition, or medical expenses, they couldn’t care less.

FDIC protection?  Don’t make me laugh.


If you’re thinking the $250,000 protection by the FDIC will save you, think again.

The assets of the FDIC are miniscule.  In a real crisis, they couldn’t come close to protecting $250,000 of your money.  If you got a tenth of that back, you’d probably be lucky.

But the crime doesn’t end with your savings, checking, or CDs.  Not by a long shot.

The government has already set sights on
your 401(k), your IRA, and ANYTHING you might
have stashed away for your retirement.

Right now there’s over $23 TRILLION cash just sitting in retirement accounts nationwide… including your money.

How long do you think the president and Congress will just ignore that mountain of cash?  Not very long.

In a recent article on, a secret government plan to confiscate your 401(k) was exposed.  Here’s how it works.  (Follow me closely here because it reveals just how stunningly sinister BIG government can be.)

Step One: The government just recently imposed strict new guidelines for financial advisors “for your own good.”  In a nutshell, they made it almost impossible for an advisor to represent anyone except the super wealthy.

That leaves the average investor with almost no place to park their money, and get professional management.

Step Two: The government steps in to “save you” with a bunch of government-run investment options where your money will be “safe.”

Essentially, they force you into a corner where you have NO other options but to hand your money to the government and let them “take care of it” for you.

And once they have your money, you can bet they’ll “take care” of it.  They’ll use it for handouts to groups that will vote for them.  They’ll use it to “redistribute” your money in the name of social justice and fairness.

Then… when you really need that money, who knows if it will still be there?  It will be Social Security all over again.  You faithfully pay your fair share and cross your fingers that the government pays up as promised.

Are you really willing to bet your financial future on the politicians in Washington D.C.?

Of course not.

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8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW


War with China

“The East China Sea — thanks to tensions between China and Japan — can accurately be described as the most dangerous place on the entire planet,” says a report posted on  “It is entirely conceivable that one of the many coast guard vessels on either side patrolling the contested islets could suddenly come under fire… In such circumstances, the steps from gun fire to exchanging volleys of anti-ship missiles between the fleets, to theater wide attacks on major bases, to all out global war could be all too abrupt.”


China claims the entire South China Sea territory, but its claims are in conflict with Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei, each of which claim some portion of the area.  The U.S. doesn’t have an official position in either of these conflicts, but would likely get involved.  Look for more early warnings in your FREE report — 8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW.

If you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of broken promises, greedy Wall Street insiders, billionaires, and bureaucrats.

The time for trusting government is over.

It’s time to trust yourself.

It’s time to use their own mysterious rules, and hidden loopholes against them.  That way, when they come looking for your money it’s just NOT there.  It’s safely tucked away, and multiplying exponentially where the IRS can’t touch it.

No… I’m not talking about some shady “offshore” tax haven on a tropical island somewhere.  This is simpler… easier… and much safer.  Plus it’s 100% legal.

The world’s richest investors have used this safe haven for generations.  Don’t you deserve the same protection for your money?

Here’s how it works.

The “Onshore” Tax Haven that Can
Turn $200,000 into $795,000 TAX-FREE

The United States — by the power of the military and the IRS — has forced foreign governments to report your earnings.  That makes money havens like Swiss Annuities virtually useless.

No problem… here’s something better.  Much better, in fact.  It’s not a new concept at all.  In fact, it’s a kind of “secret,” wealth-building account that’s been used for centuries by America’s wealthiest individuals — including Presidents John F. Kennedy and FDR.  Senator John McCain used an account like this to fund his presidential campaign.

For America’s richest, most successful individuals, this account is common knowledge.  Why is it SO attractive?  Because…

  • Your money grows relentlessly in good markets and bad.  And your gains are LOCKED in.  NO market crash can take them away.
  • The IRS can’t touch a single penny of your money.  It grows tax-free.  And you can use it any time without paying a tax “penalty.” Try that with a 401(k).
  • You don’t even have to report this account to the IRS.  There is NO legal obligation to do so.  (It’s written right there… IN the IRS code book.)
  • You collect 100% predictable returns that can be as high as 8%.  The returns are so predictable, you will know exactly how much money you will have 5, 10, even 20 years from now.
  • You can retire completely tax-free.  No “paying taxes later.”
  • There are ZERO limits on how much money you can deposit —  unlike an IRA or 401(k).
  • You maintain TOTAL control of your funds and cash flow for life.
  • Your money is completely protected from creditors.  It cannot be touched.
  • You can take a loan from your account at any time, and pay it back on your own terms.  And get this: Since you are essentially acting as your own bank, the interest and principle goes right back into your account.  Plus, there’s NO time limit for when the money must be paid back.
  • You’ll be dealing with companies that are beyond reproach and have returned positive gains for over 100 years.  They have survived and thrived through the worst financial times in our history — including the Great Depression.
  • Plus, your heirs will inherit a fortune completely tax-free.

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8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW


Massive Cyberattacks On a Scale We Have Never Seen Before

cyberworld probes

Reports of massive cyberattacks on government agencies and large banks and retailers have become almost commonplace. Russia and China are two sources, but there’s no shortage of privateer hackers from Eastern Europe and even our own governments poking and probing into hidden corners of the cyberworld trying to get valuable secrets about you, your money, things you own, and things you do.

It’s only going to get worse, not better.  Basically, if you’re wired and connected, you’re vulnerable.  Change your passwords often and be very guarded about what you reveal about yourself and your affairs on open channels (or even supposedly secure channels).

For full details and instructions, keep reading to request your FREE report today.

Let’s look at a specific example of how this works:

Max Profits, age 60, wants to transfer $200,000 into this type of account through a major insurance company that’s been rock-solid for over a century.

The moment he makes the deposit, his estate value is increased to $795,890 because of the life insurance benefit.  After only 20 years, his $200,000 has grown to over a half million dollars assuming an average return of about 7.6% per year.

Now remember, those returns were completely separate from economic and stock market upheavals, and 100% tax-free.

Max’s money, in fact, grew relentlessly… predictably… and safely.  And it was not locked up in any way.  Whether he wanted to buy a new car… pay college tuition for his daughter… or take the vacation of a lifetime, the money he needed was always available.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Well guess what, I agree with you.  There is a “catch” to this account.

It’s SO successful, and SO profitable, the industry has become a magnet for scam artists and con men.  And that’s a shame because this is a perfectly legitimate strategy.

If you do this right, it can positively transform your financial future from a house of cards… into a financial fortress made of stone.

So how can you take advantage of this stunning financial strategy without becoming a victim?

The step-by-step guidance you need can be found in a FREE Shadow Government Survival Guide I have just created.  With your permission, I’d love to send you a copy with no strings attached.  Let’s take a closer look…

FREE Report: The Invisible Money Manual

The Invisible Money Manual: How to Sidestep the Inner Circle of Billionaires and Elites that Want to Control Your Money — And Your Life!

(a $39.95 value, FREE)

I created this guide in response to the utter, nationwide DISGUST all hard-working Americans now feel for Washington D.C., Wall Street, and the financial (and academic) elite.

Look at it this way.  It’s getting harder and harder to make a decent living these days, so instead of working longer hours for less pay, how about this crazy idea.

You keep darn near ALL of your money.  And you keep it legally stashed where NO politician can touch it!

Interested?  Intrigued?

I certainly hope so.  In a moment, I’ll tell more about the remarkable, wealth-building (and protecting) secrets in your FREE guide.

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Bob Livingston and 47 years ago I founded The Bob Livingston Letter™.

And ever since that day, I have been a thorn in the side of every money-grabbing, lying politician that ever walked the corridors of power in Washington D.C.  —  or your hometown.

I’ve also been a ferocious consumer advocate warning you about the drugs, foods, healthcare, and hospitals that are doing you more harm than good.

Trust me, I’m not on the Christmas list for the big drug companies, insurance companies, or food manufacturers that get rich by making you sicker.

I am a royal pain in the A#$…

Some call me a consumer advocate.  Some call me a curmudgeon.  And a heck of a lot of bad folks call me a royal pain in their a#$.

But my readers love me.  I consider my readers an extended family of sharp, savvy consumers who want to know the truth… instead of sticking their heads in the sand.

Like any precious commodity, the truth is always in short supply — and that’s a big problem.

If you don’t know the unvarnished truth about your money, you’re going to lose it for sure.  If you don’t know the uncensored facts about our healthcare system, you die. 

If you honestly think you get the truth from your politicians… then you might as well hand over all your money to Washington today.

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8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW


Amnesty for Illegals

You probably didn’t hear much of anything about it on the news. It happened quietly before Obama left office, when he ordered U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to ask for bids from contractors who could handle a “surge” in greencard printing over the next year.  The “surge” was estimated to be about 9 million cards, with a maximum over the length of the proposed contract to be 34 million cards.

Amnesty for Illegals

Politico reports that interestingly, President Trump revised his “Travel Ban” executive order to exempt green cards. The Columbus Dispatch now reports that green card holders are being rushed as fast as possible to gain citizenship.

For full details, Click Here or call Toll-Free 1-800-773-5699 to request your FREE report today.
Reference your Special Savings Code: B24337376 when you call.

I have this crazy idea that you’d actually
like to KEEP your money.

Maybe, God forbid, you might want to watch it grow… treat yourself to the fruits of your labor… and then pass a hefty legacy on to your children.

That’s why I created your FREE guide, The Invisible Money Manual, and why I’d like to send you a copy with ZERO risk or obligation to buy a thing.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what else you’ll discover in this critical volume…

How to keep your bank accounts PRIVATE
in the age of Big Brother.

Did you know that your tax dollars are being used to create a massive, financial database designed to track every penny of your money?

It’s called FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) and it’s filled with private information about tax returns, bank accounts, and even credit card purchases.  Even worse, it’s a branch of the Treasury Department, the same lovely folks who brought you the IRS.

FinCEN operates by systematically collating and cross-analyzing law enforcement, intelligence, public, and financial databases.

It may have access to anything, from old IRS forms to your latest credit rating.  FinCEN pulls in personal information from the IRS, FBI, DEA, Secret Service, as well as customs and the postal inspection agency.

FinCEN also gets information from your “friendly” local banker.  (More about that in just a minute!)

If an operator at the FinCEN computer has just your name and a vague idea of where you live, or if you’ve left a “paper trail” in the form of a charge slip, he can enter the information into a computer terminal and quickly find your full name, Social Security number, date of birth, home address, drivers license number, and bank account numbers.

If you have military service or criminal records, he can locate those, too, along with fingerprints and a photograph.

Using the IRS database, the analyst can check on how much income you’ve reported and whether you’ve ever been audited or penalized by the IRS.

Creepy isn’t it?  But wait, it gets worse.

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8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW


The First Global Pandemic Since 1918

kissing bug

If you think we’re immune from a pandemic, take a look at the Chagas disease, which you get from the “kissing bug.”  According to the World Health Organization, 6–7 million people in Latin America already have it.  And if you live in the southwest you might be infected but not have symptoms.  Yet, when symptoms do develop, about a third of Chagas patients develop a chronic form that leads to heart damage and failure.

For complete details, and how to protect yourself, Click Here or call Toll-Free 1-800-773-5699 to request your FREE report today. Reference your Special Savings Code: B24337376 when you call.

The government now REQUIRES your friendly,
neighborhood bank to spy on you.

It’s true.  Thanks to the Patriot Act, banks are scared to death of being fined, or even shut down, by the Federal government for being out of compliance.

So, just to be safe, they are busily sending in information to FinCEN about you and filing reports on any activity the Feds may potentially regard as “unusual.”

FinCEN reports show that banks are turning in their customers for investigation by FinCEN and the IRS for such “offenses” as…

  • Using your local ATM too much.
  • Depositing money that comes from a source they can’t identify.
  • Receiving or sending wire transfers from a friend, family member, or overseas business.

The Patriot Act also demands that your bank adopt formal procedures for monitoring your “private” transactions for suspicious activities.

So much for privacy.  Is there anything you can do?  Actually, there is…

Suppose you could LEGALLY “opt out” of
Big Brother’s Money-Tracking System?

Suppose you could leverage a little-known, legal loophole that requires the government to respect your privacy?

Is this really possible? You bet it is.

Thanks to an obscure, Federal law that was adopted more than 15 years ago (when “Big” Brother was not so big), you can legally prevent banks from sharing your private information, or selling it to third parties.

You probably received a small notice about this option (in teeny, tiny type) with your bank statement in 2001.

And you probably never read it.

In your free copy of The Invisible Money Manual, you’ll discover why it’s NOT too late to use this law, and demand your bank STOP sharing your private information.  Almost no one does this, but everyone should!

We’ll even give you the exact text of the letter you need to give to your bank — so your desire for privacy must be respected now and forever.

But there’s still SO much more in your copy of The Invisible Money Manual.  Let me give you a few more examples, starting with an important question…

Are you prepared for the END of
the stock market as we know it?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, the paper uncovered the shocking truth about the stock market.  Basically… it’s over.

Sure, you can still study the latest annual reports, consult your advisers, follow the economy, and monitor trends.

Just don’t do it if you want to actually make money.

Here’s what’s going on:  Right now, if you want to buy a stock, you have over 5,000 to choose from across the various exchanges.  This diversity of choice is one of the cement pillars of the whole financial system.  It’s what allows people to buy into promising companies, take chances on new companies, and invest in their hopes and dreams.

And if you look at the rising stock market indexes like the S&P 500 or NASDAQ, you’d see a pretty steady climb that looks nice and healthy.

But if you read between the numbers, a very unhealthy picture emerges.

It’s the kind of picture that has preceded virtually every major market crash since the beginning of the stock market.

What’s the problem?

Continued below…

8 SHOCKS to Our System You Need to Prepare for NOW


NSA “Big Brother” Spying Reaches Your Home

kissing bug

So the NSA has supposedly stopped collecting bulk data?  Don’t believe it.  Nothing has changed.  The NSA, CIA, FBI, and IRS continue their illegal and immoral snooping as before.

Sen. John McCain, after the Paris attacks, insisted that the U.S. government be given the keys to unlock ANY encryption in the U.S.  Orwell saw it coming long ago:  Big Brother is watching…

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Only six stocks are driving most
stock market gains these days.

That’s right.  Out of over 5,000 stocks, there are only six that really matter… and are worth owning.

Put your money anywhere else and you might as well burn it.  Right now, many analysts are concerned that the markets are leaning way too heavily on only six stocks.

“It makes me cautious because I’ve seen it before,” said one expert quoted in the article.  “There are some features of this narrowing market that do resemble what happened” in 1990 when the last, big tech bubble burst, and the market tanked.

The same pattern also appeared in the Spring of 2000, when stocks crashed — taking years to recover.

One thing’s for sure:  If the market tanks, you need to consider these six stocks as a safety valve for your financial security.  Put your money anywhere else and your money is basically gone — even if the market keeps rising!

So which six stocks are the pillars of growth for the foreseeable future?  You’ll find the full list in your free copy of The Invisible Money Manual.

You’ll also discover…

The “H-Bomb” Threat to
America as We Know It.

No… I’m not talking about a “nuclear” threat (that’s coming later in this letter).  What I am talking about is HYPERINFLATION.

If you listen to any politician they’ll say that “inflation is low… isn’t that great!” Well, I don’t know what planet they live on, but inflation is certainly not low.

Just go to the store and buy some chicken.  You’ll pay more than twice as much as you used to. Get some oranges and orange juice which are now twice as expensive.

If you take the time to look, as I have, you’ll see small increases over time that have added up to incredible price increases.  Since 1990:

  • Beef prices have risen 80%.
  • Chicken prices are up almost 240%.
  • Cocoa prices have almost tripled, up around 300%.
  • Coffee prices have nearly doubled — a 100% rise.
  • Corn prices are up 60%.
  • Bananas are up 40%.

Do you think these huge increases have occurred because these commodities have become somehow more valuable?  No.  It’s because the value of your dollar is so much less than what it was.

Why?  Because the government keeps printing money, and the more they print the less it’s worth!  And it gets worse. 

Inflation numbers are just LIES.

The truth is the government always “cooks the books” by changing how inflation is measured.  For example, did you know that the government numbers for inflation do NOT include food, energy, and housing?

Last time I checked, food, energy (like gas, electricity, and heating), and housing are a huge part of your budget.  And where are those costs heading?  You guessed it: Straight UP.

Is there anything you can do about it?

You bet there is.  The first step is to put your money in safe havens where it is sheltered from runaway hyperinflation.

Right now, that leaves you with five smart choices, all explained in your free copy of The Invisible Money Manual.  Let’s take a quick look at them right now…

Choice #1 delivers guaranteed protection from inflation.  Even if inflation hits double digits, your nest egg keeps growing and you hold on to the buying power of your money.

Choice #2 is a historically safe “lock box” for your money that keeps pace with inflation and the expenses are low.

Choice #3 is, of course, gold and silver.  But don’t just go to the bank, draw out your cash and start buying.  That will invite the prying eyes of Uncle Sam.  In your free report, we’ll explain exactly how to accumulate gold and silver the smart way.  We’ll tell you exactly which forms of gold and silver to buy for the best protection.

(Note: I do not accept kickbacks from gold or silver sellers.  That way, I can give you honest advice — with no hype or funny stuff.)

Choice #4 is a shrewd strategy that helps you cash in as prices start to rise.  Your money is not only protected from inflation, you can sit back and watch your money multiply almost exponentially.

Choice #5 is an ideal way to profit from rising prices and collect nice, fat checks in your mailbox too.  Historically, this has been a relentless money machine.  You put in a dollar… and two dollars pop out.

In the same section in your FREE guide, you’ll also discover…

How to dodge the historic IRS crackdown
on the MIDDLE class.

The IRS used to focus their auditors on the really high earners — those who make more than a million dollars a year, but no more.

Now, they’ve decided to take a closer look at Americans who make a small fraction of that money.

We tell you exactly what they’re looking for so it’s almost impossible to audit you.  You’ll also get a long list of the new red flags and dumb mistakes that get you in trouble…  You need to know this now.

You also need to know…

  • The TRUTH about term life insurance that the providers don’t want you to know.
  • How to pass on HUGE cash assets to your heirs without paying a penny of estate taxes.  The secret that the wealthiest families use will work for you too.
  • PLUS so much more!

By now, you’re starting to understand why The Invisible Money Manual is a blockbuster hit with all Americans who are fed up with broken political promises, an overreaching government, an economy in the tank, and the sharks on Wall Street.

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FREE Report: How to Live YOUNG for 100 Years

New Doctor-Designed Protocol: How to Live YOUNG for 100 Years Without Really Trying

(a $19.95 value, FREE)

Why is being healthy SO darn hard these days?  Every day it’s the same questions…

What are you going to eat today? What are you going to do?  Will you exercise?  Do you have a plan?

If you want to feel and look your best, and stay healthy and lean, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been given several plans.  An eating plan, a workout plan, a meditation routine…

Maybe it’s the Paleo Diet™. Maybe it’s gluten-free, sugar free, low-fat… or you could be on Jenny Craig®, Weight Watchers®, or a dozen others.

They all tell you to eat this and don’t eat that. Or worse, one plan tells you one thing and another plan tells you the exact opposite.

It’s SO confusing!

Never eat grains… no, eat healthy whole grains. Don’t drink coffee, it has too much caffeine… no, drink coffee it’s now healthy for you.

Don’t eat eggs, they have too much cholesterol… no, eat lots of eggs, they’re the perfect food.

And if you want to work out, it gets worse.

Running is good for you… no, it causes inflammation.  Work out for at least 45 minutes to burn fat… no, only work out hard for 7 minutes.  Train for strength… no, train for endurance… no, train for power and capacity.  Do intense intervals… no, do one long spinning session.

Confused yet?  Join the club!

So I decided to do something revolutionary.  Something no one else is doing these days.  I decided to create a plan that makes healthy living easier than you ever imagined.  How about that?

First, I found the perfect doctor to work with.  His name is Michael Cutler, M.D., and he’s one of America’s foremost authorities on nutrition, drug-free healing, anti-aging, and actually enjoying life.

He’s a graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU) and Tulane Medical School.  He is a master at bridging the gap between conventional and alternative medicine.

He’s not a “Hollywood” doctor,
he’s the REAL thing.

Dr. Cutler has more than 20 years of clinical family practice experience. And he’s uniquely qualified as a noted authority on preventive solutions to aging issues, general family ailments, and nutrition.

What I like best is that he has a profound and deep understanding and respect for the natural harmony of the human body.

He’s devoted his career to optimizing health through simple changes in diet and lifestyle. So he was the perfect choice as the author of How to Live YOUNG for 100 Years.

Let’s take a look at how this breakthrough concept for health and longevity works by keeping your life deliciously simple.

The ONE type of food that guarantees
you will be forever overweight.

Have you tried to lose weight recently?  How’d that work out?

If you’re like most people, you probably blame yourself for a lack of willpower.  It’s only natural.  But it’s entirely wrong.

The American FOOD industrial complex has become frighteningly efficient at addicting you to foods that make them richer… and you fatter and sicker.

Even the so-called “health” foods are packed with ingredients that wreak havoc with your blood sugar, hormones, your circulation, joints, and even your mental health.

So you dutifully shop for “low-fat” or “low-calorie” choices… and end up heavier than ever.  It’s depressing isn’t it?

Actually… it’s enlightening.  In your FREE copy of How to Live YOUNG for 100 Years, you’ll discover the shocking truth about the food industry and how they are deliberately creating foods (even so-called “healthy” ones) that are biologically addictive.

So what can you do?  Remember, we’re here to make this easy for you.  So we’re not going to tell you to stop enjoying food and start eating raw broccoli and sprouts at every meal.

We’re not the food police!  So instead of avoiding everything that’s bad for you, we want you to STOP indulging in just one, very bad food.  That’s reasonable, right?

Of course it is.  And believe me, this food is really bad.

This common food actually WARPS your heart
and wrecks your whole cardiovascular system.

It’s true.  A recent study on the effects of this food revealed that it actually warps your heart function and harms the capacity of your cardiovascular system.

A review of additional studies performed at the University of Otago in New Zealand has uncovered a range of data that shows how it increases your blood pressure… leads to a harmful cholesterol imbalance… helps trigger diabetes, and makes you more vulnerable to cancer.

It can also help trigger cellular inflammation in every cell in your body.  And inflammation is a known trigger for dozens of chronic diseases and conditions.

So you see, it’s quite possible to enjoy a fantastic health turnaround simply by eliminating this ONE food from your life.

Best of all, after a short while (when the addiction wears off), you’ll never miss it! You’ll actually enjoy eating great food more than ever before.

That’s nice and easy, right?  Now, here are just a few more examples of what you’ll learn…

  • The TRUTH about genetically modified foods (GMOs).  You may have heard all the nightmare hype about GMOs, and in a perfect world, you would certainly avoid them.  But that’s getting tougher every day.  About 90% of the corn in the USA is GMO.  Most cattle are fed GMO grains.  We’ll tell you a simple secret that helps you avoid the lion’s share of GMOs in your diet.
  • Are organic foods really worth the extra money?  The answer is YES, but only if you see these two labels.
  • The shopper’s easy guide to avoiding TOXIC produce.  No more wondering if you’re making a good choice, now you’ll know for sure.
  • The shocking TRUTH about today’s health crazes and fad diets.  Is the Paleo Diet™ a good choice?  How about the Whole Foods movement?  Weight Watchers®?  Mediterranean?  The DASH Diet?  Dr. Cutler cuts through the clutter and delivers the uncensored truth about these fads and others!
  • The ONLY 10 SECRETS you need for healing and longevity.  Just follow these amazingly simple secrets and you’re set.  No guesswork, and your body will come alive… healthier… energized… younger.
  • The health-restoring secret of FUN, NON-SWEATY exercise.  No pain, no gain?  Who needs it? Now you can get the same results and actually enjoy yourself.
  • Can this secret extend LIFE SPANS by a whopping 40%?
  • BRAIN EXERCISES that keep you sharp as a tack for 100 years.  No more brain fog.  No more “forgetting” keys!
  • The NUT oil that nixes heart disease.  It helps nourish and protect the critical endothelial cells that line your arteries and veins!
  • The truth about the gluten-free mania.  Is it a miracle… or a myth?  The science will amaze you!

Plus so much more.  Like healthy cooking secrets that reduce carcinogens.  How to stock your kitchen with healthy choices you’ll love.  Delicious substitutes for your favorite “sinful” foods.  And it’s all yours completely free if you reply today.

But don’t reply just yet.

There’s another health epidemic that’s sweeping America right now.  You might be a victim… and you have NO clue that you are at risk.  Just look…

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 30 million Americans are battling diabetes, and nearly one-third of them have no idea they have it!

Even more amazing:  Over 85 million Americans have pre-diabetes and blood sugar problems.  They’ve been warned by their doctors, but need to take a quick U-turn on the road to diabetes.

That means controlling your insulin (and blood sugar) once and for all.  If you can do this (it’s easier than you might think), you will not only defeat diabetes, and pre-diabetes BUT erase the single most deadly trigger for dozens of chronic conditions and deadly diseases.

Controlling your insulin, in fact, may be the single healthiest thing you can do to stay young and vibrantly healthy for 80, 90, 100 years or more.  The latest research is astounding.  And you’ll find it all in your free guide…

FREE Report: The Insulin Factor

The Insulin Factor:  How to Control the Single Most Deadly Trigger for Dozens of Chronic Conditions and Diseases

(a $19.95 value, FREE)

Your FREE guide is the latest masterpiece from Michael Cutler, M.D., and it reveals some of the most cutting-edge research and wellness secrets known to science.

And it all centers around insulin.  It turns out, insulin does a lot more in your body than simply regulate blood sugar.

Insulin controls lifespan, energy, circulation, digestion, hunger, lipids, bone health, brain function, and more.  And it doesn’t just keep you healthy, it can also help save your life.

Here’s a case and point…

When American doctors gave him 9 months to live,
Stamatis returned home to a small Greek island… to DIE.
45 years later, he was perfectly healthy,
and his doctors were all DEAD.

When Stamatis was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he was given only nine months to live.  He could have stayed in the U.S. and gone through the living Hell of chemotherapy.  But instead… he decided to return with his wife to the place where he grew up… to spend his last few months at peace and to be laid to rest in the local cemetery with his ancestors.

After returning to his native Ikaria, a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, he was immediately confined to bed under the watchful eyes of his mother and wife.

No one expected anything other than for Stamatis to pass serenely away and float off into the warm Aegean breeze.

But then, something astonishing happened.

After those first few weeks in bed, Stamatis began to slowly recover.  Strangely enough, he started feeling better.  Eventually, he got out of bed and planted some vegetables in the garden… he started taking long walks around the village where he grew up… spent time visiting childhood friends… and rediscovered his faith.

“Every night I would walk to the tavern to meet my friends, drink wine, and play backgammon until midnight and wonder why I was still alive,” he said.

Nine months slipped by and he felt good.  After 11 months, he felt even better… and just kept going.

Forty-five years after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Stamatis was still alive and actively tending to his olive trees on Ikaria.

On January 1, 2013, he celebrated his 98th birthday.  A few years prior to his birthday, he’d traveled back to the U.S. to try and find his doctors… he couldn’t find any of them.

They were all dead.

The underlying forces at work behind Stamatis’ amazing recovery may seem like a miracle… but if you want to flush disease out of your body, avoid chronic illnesses, live a robust, active life, and take absolute control of your health like Stamatis, you need to start looking at your insulin.

Mainstream medicine is ignoring the ELEPHANT
in the room when it comes to health and longevity.

You see, chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity… they’re only symptoms of a greater condition… a condition that, once balanced, will naturally prevent and cure the majority of these diseases.

It’s what happened within a short period of time to Stamatis when he returned home to his Greek island… and he probably didn’t even know why.

But you will learn everything in the pages of your FREE guide, The Insulin Factor.  You’ll discover…

  • Why insulin holds the key to curing and preventing almost every chronic disease we know of without using dangerous drugs. It’s not just diabetes, it’s everything that can end your life, or make it miserable.
  • How to triumph over breast cancer and live a stress-free life without worry.
  • How mending your master hormone —  insulin —  can give you a mind like a steel trap at ANY age.
  • The insulin antidote for a happy, vibrantly healthy heart.
  • Want sharp VISION for life?  Control your insulin! Glaucoma, cataracts, retinopathy?  Who needs them!
  • Beef UP your muscles and bones by mastering your insulin levels.
  • Want to live 100 years?  Insulin may be the KEY secret to the world’s most longest-living populations.
  • Cholesterol problem?  Before you take drugs, ask your doctor about THIS natural miracle.  It helps control insulin, and healthy cholesterol just happens.
  • Blood pressure too high?  Insulin management can lower it naturally like NO drug can.
  • The “Forgotten” nutrient that shields you against cancer, leukemia, heart disease, and more.
  • Plus much, MUCH more.

The Insulin Factor will open your eyes to a whole new level of healing you never knew existed.  No wonder it’s a blockbuster best-seller — even at $19.95.

But for you, it’s free.  Really FREE.  And yes, there’s still more, including…

FREE Report: The Ultimate Privacy Guide

The Ultimate Privacy Guide: Untold Secrets
to Complete Digital Invisibility Not Even Big Brother Can Find You.

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Yes… you can outsmart government and business snoops.  You don’t need to be a computer expert.  You just need the advice in this free report that Big Brother is praying you never see.

Some examples of what you’ll discover…

  • How to easily drop OFF the digital grid… like a submarine sliding beneath the waves.  This is such a simple step, and for those who want real privacy, it’s the only step that’s truly effective.  Government snoops can’t find you… because you’re gone.
  • Three effective ways to prevent Uncle Sam from monitoring your Internet browsing.  These secrets make you virtually invisible to any entity that wants to track your computer use, browsing, and even keystrokes.
  • For ultimate email privacy, you can take your email account offshore!  It’s perfectly legal, and there’s nothing the government can do about it!

Of course, this is just a glimpse of the information in your FREE copy of The Ultimate Privacy Guide, there’s still much more.  And it’s all laid out in plain English so even a computer rookie like me can understand.

OK, so I know what you might be thinking just about now:

Why on Earth, are you giving away
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It’s simply the best way I know of to introduce you to The Bob Livingston Letter™ completely Risk-Free. You see, ALL of the information in this report was assembled and organized by my team at The Bob Livingston Letter™.  A lot of it was taken directly from recent issues!

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As the world and our economy are crumbling, my readers consider The Bob Livingston Letter™ a quiet refuge where common sense and decency still rules.  That’s why they make our timely advice an integral part of their daily lives.

Each monthly issue is your golden key to an underground network of smart people who understand the crises to come — and are preparing to survive, and even thrive, in the years ahead.

Our readers refuse to become helpless victims of the political elite — dependent upon their largesse and good will for survival. They understand that the media, the Internet, and 99% of all major news outlets have a hidden agenda that has little to do with their own prosperity.

That’s one reason why our readers are quite possibly the most loyal in all of publishing.  They wouldn’t dream of missing a single issue.

Another reason is that we cover everything that has real meaning on your quality of life.

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