Bob Livingston Letter

National Security Agency Whistleblower Warns:
Government's Illegal Spying on Citizens is
Turning America into a

"Totalitarian State!"
Against This Unconstitutional Assault On Your
Personal Privacy Before It’s Too Late!

The unconstitutional assault on our civil liberties —
which began with the U.S. Patriot Act in 2001
and has continued with fanatical vigor by both political parties — has now reached a point that threatens
the very fabric of the American republic!

Dear Friend,

According to former National Security Agency crypto-mathematician William Binney, who spent 40 years with the agency and is now a whistle–blower, the scale of illegal government and corporate spying on America's citizens is literally beyond imagination. America is now inches away, he says, from becoming "a turn-key totalitarian state."

Reminds me of a book I once read by a certain British writer...

More than 60 years ago, George Orwell imagined a country in which a totalitarian government uses advanced technologies to keep its entire population under constant surveillance.

At the time, his novel, 1984, was considered science fiction because no nation had the technical capabilities he wrote about — such as the use of two-way "telescreens" that routinely spied on people in their homes and at their work... and hidden microphones in public places to listen in on private conversations.

Unfortunately, thanks to the U.S. Patriot Act and power-mad government bureaucrats, the level of government and corporate surveillance of ordinary citizens today is now far beyond anything Orwell imagined!


THE “TELESCREENS” ARE HERE! The web cams and built-in TV cameras consumers now use for Skype have a hidden purpose: According to a report from the Daily Mail in the U.K., former CIA director David Petraeus admitted U.S. intelligence agencies already have the capability to access these signals and view inside people's living rooms without their knowledge!

TOTAL SURVEILLANCE OF ALL COMMUNICATIONS: The U.S. government now routinely scans, records and logs virtually every electronic communication on earth through its vast and top secret Echelon and Carnivore programs — including all telephone calls in and out of the United States, all emails, all text messages, all IMs and all posts on popular websites like Facebook and Twitter. With supercomputers housed in a top-secret $2 billion bunker in Utah, they are able to crack every encryption code on the planet and, for the first time, cross reference every electronic communication and scrap of digital information on earth!


TRACKING CODES ON EVERYTHING: It's not just grocery stores and coffee shops that are tracking every purchase you make with loyalty cards. So is the government. For example, most people don't realize that since 2004, all laser printers contain special technologies that imprint a tracking code on every document you print so that they can be traced back to an individual, like a license plate.

THE POLICE ARE WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE: Next generation police cruisers and monitoring stations now use automated license plate readers (ALPRs) that log every license plate within "eyesight" and instantly record its location in a centralized police database — without legislative knowledge or consent in many areas. The American Civil Liberties Union and The New York Times recently reported that cell phones of private individuals are being tracked — without warrants — by state and local law enforcement all across the country so that the cell phone user's locations can be documented over the course of a day, week, month or longer!

DRONE AIRCRAFT TO BE USED TO SPY ON AMERICANS: The same unmanned drone aircraft that the CIA and the American military use to kill terrorists in Pakistan are now being deployed by police to spy on U.S. citizens at home. Experts agree that up to 30,000 small, nearly silent drones will be in American air space by 2020. And all of it comes without a warrant — and without Congressional approval.

HIDDEN CAMERAS AND MICROPHONES: Hidden government surveillance cameras are popping up everywhere. The new "Intelli-Streets" systems of street lights contain hidden cameras and microphones to record everything within a certain radius — as well as real-time telemetry feeds back to police headquarters. As in the U.K., which led the way in Big Brother surveillance of its citizens, police agencies justify their compulsive spying on law abiding citizens as a necessary crime-fighting tool.

EVEN YOUR CAR IS SPYING ON YOU: Most late model cars in the U.S. now contain an Electronic or Event Data Recorder (EDR) that contains detailed information on your driving habits, speed, locations and whether or not you were wearing a seat belt. This vast treasure trove of information can now be used against you in court or by insurance companies, raising your rates. If the Feds have their way, such technological spying will soon be mandatory: In April 2012, the Senate passed a bill that would require all new cars in the United States to be fitted with black box data recorders from 2015 onwards.

DATA MINING: The advent of new supercomputers means that every scrap of information about you can now be obtained, logged and correlated. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Security Branch Analysis Center (NSAC) has more than 1.5 billion government and private sector records about U.S. citizens collected from commercial databases, government information and criminal probes. A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit launched by the Electronic Privacy Information Center revealed that Federal agencies now routinely spy on journalists and citizens who criticize the government in any way. Among the websites in which data is now routinely collected, including who accesses them and for how long, are Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, The Huffington Post and the Drudge Report.

The government isn't the only one accessing confidential information and misusing it...

...As a retired couple with the unfortunate last name of Zimmerman discovered!

Remember when neighborhood watch participant George Zimmerman shot a black youth in Florida back in early 2012? Self-appointed Internet investigators thought they discovered the home address of the man responsible.

The film director Spike Lee sent a Twitter message to hundreds of thousands of people giving what turned out to be the address for the wrong Zimmerman. As a result, a retired couple with the same last name, but no relation to the man involved in the altercation, had to flee for their lives from their home after receiving death threats!

Free Internet sites work 24 hours a day scouring public records to publish everything about you in one easy-to-access website — your home address, your real estate taxes, photographs of your home, your email address, your age and whether you have any health problems, the names and locations of all known relatives, whatever they can find!

The more criminals can find out about you on Facebook and through public record aggregation sites like and, the easier it is for them to rob you. That's why privacy experts insist you should never put personal information on the Internet.

Amy Lynn Boyer, aged 20, was tracked down when a stalker named Liam Youens paid $153 to an online investigations site, Docusearch.

The website gave Youens Amy's Social Security number and the address of where she worked. Youens went to Boyer's workplace and shot and killed her before committing suicide.

It's cases like these that illustrate why a focus on personal privacy today is neither a luxury nor paranoia, but just common sense. But know that even if you don’t share information online, you can still be a victim, like Larry Smith...

In 2006, Larry Smith, a 62-year-old retired grandfather of nine, was driving along quietly near his home in Florida when he was pulled over by police.


Assuming one of his tail lights was out, he began getting out his registration when he was abruptly pulled out of his car, arrested, booked and placed in jail for eight days.

Frantic, Smith and his wife desperately tried to figure out what his alleged crime was. They were told that he had a warrant out for violating the terms of his parole in California.

The only problem: Smith hadn’t been in California in 35 years. He never had so much as a parking ticket there.

It turned out that a habitual criminal named Joseph Kidd, age 56, had been using Smith’s identity in California for 17 years! He had somehow obtained a copy of Smith’s birth certificate in 1993, used it as ID when he got married (in Smith’s name) and then used his marriage license and birth certificate to acquire a California driver’s license in Smith’s name.

Whenever Kidd was arrested, which was often, he used Smith’s ID. As a result, the real Larry Smith was in the FBI criminal database — but with Kidd’s fingerprints — and every time Kidd was rearrested and even sent to prison, it was as Larry Smith. Unbeknownst to Larry Smith, he had a rap sheet a mile long!

Since I first began warning people about this growing threat to our liberty — and personal safety — the situation has gotten worse — far worse!

Unelected bureaucrats keep escalating the attacks on privacy and civil liberties — without public debate or knowledge and with very little, if any, legislative or judicial oversight.

In addition to their “Big Brother” quest for a free-pass into our private lives, they’ve created loopholes and gaps that thieves — and worse — can penetrate to do us virtual, physical or financial harm.

But you can fight back and
protect your personal privacy!

My staff and I have created this special report to alert you to just how far the attack on privacy has advanced in the past several years. But more so, to let you know that an entirely new industry has developed to counteract this constant surveillance by government bureaucrats and corporate spies.

We’ve researched and found the best ways to help you take back your personal privacy and put a stop to the constant surveillance and petty spying perpetrated by government bureaucrats, corporate profiteers, identity thieves and legal predators.

With these most advanced counter-surveillance technologies, strategies and techniques you can:

  • Enjoy bullet-proof financial privacy!
  • Make online identity theft virtually impossible!
  • Protect your healthcare privacy despite Obamacare!
  • Make it difficult for Big Brother to spy on you!

We spent hours and hours scouring the Internet, interviewing experts and testing techniques ourselves. Then we laid it all at your fingertips in a comprehensive guide to personal and financial privacy.

It’s called The Ultimate Privacy Guide, and in it you’ll discover how you can...

Ultimate Privay Guide
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  • A Simple Way to STOP Google from Recording Every Search You Do. Discover search engines that give you the identical results as Google but DON’T spy on you and destroy all their records.
  • Simple Strategies for ERASING All the Data About You on the Internet. If you look up your name on the Internet and are shocked at what you find, take advantage of these new tools to take back your privacy.
  • Avoid Harassing Telephone Calls and Enjoy Total Privacy When Calling. Find out all about spoofing cards that change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call from you and other high-tech privacy measures.
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  • And much, much more!

The Ultimate Privacy Guide is a $79 value. But for my loyal readers, The Ultimate Privacy Guide is yours absolutely FREE because...

Even if you think you’re already below the radar because you avoid the Internet like the plague, it’s just not enough to keep danger at bay.

Consider this scenario… newspapers across the country have been hit hard by the digital age. Many of them distribute a printed version only two or three days a week, but all of it gets published to their “online” version. These days even a simple notice about a yard sale can go practically viral in a matter of days — and lead a trail straight to you!

Here’s the really bad news: Almost every week, a new website pops up that makes it its business to bring together every scrap of information about you, found anywhere on the Internet, into one easy-to-use place where criminals, stalkers and opportunists can find it.

Your address or phone number in the hands of the bad guys is like a drop of blood to a shark...


James Sanders didn’t think twice when he advertised on the Internet classified site Craigslist that he wanted to sell his 1.07-carat diamond ring. A woman called about it, saying she was looking for a special Mother’s Day present.

Sanders, 43, gave the woman his home address near Tacoma, Wash., where his wife’s family had lived for more than 100 years. A quick check on the Internet would reveal that Sanders lived in an upscale neighborhood.

The next night, the woman arrived with her boyfriend and two other men, all armed with handguns. In a matter of seconds, Sanders was dead, shot in front of his wife and four children. His 14-year-old son was pistol-whipped, his wife made to believe she would be executed.

The robbers ransacked the house and left with the ring. Three men and a woman, all in their early 20s, were eventually arrested and convicted of first-degree murder.

In your FREE copy of The Ultimate Privacy Guide, you’ll discover why “low-tech,” old-fashioned
privacy measures — such as never revealing
your Social Security number or home address
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Ultimate Privay Guide

Even at your doctor’s office...

A little-known provision of the 2009 stimulus legislation was the creation of mandatory “Electronic Health Records” (EHRs) for every American. Expert hackers could be using your Social Security number to create fake IDs faster than your doctor can say, “turn your head and cough!”

Now, I don’t want to scare you. But if I’ve made you a little nervous, well I’m not sorry for that. I hope it was just enough to kick-start you on a journey of empowerment which is exactly what The Ultimate Privacy Guide was created to do.

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