Special Alert from Bob Livingston

The REAL Hacker Threat:
“Blackout could kill 9
out of 10.”

--Washington Examiner

Dear Patriot,

Another month, another Russian hacker attack…

I’m not talking about the election… I’m talking about Ukraine’s power grid.

What does this have to do with America?

Investigators are now sure that these attacks are “trial balloons.”

Someone is using Ukraine as a test.

They are perfecting their hacking attacks on critical infrastructure that can then be used across the world, including the vulnerable U.S. power grid.

The tech insider magazine Motherboard reports that these hackers “may be responsible for a series of other attacks that have struck other high-value targets in the commercial and government sectors, including the national railway system and the Ministry of Finance.”

Forget hacking the election. These guys are coming for the banks and transportation — and the power grid.

The results could be a disaster, and that’s why I’m writing to you today.

Because it’s not too late, for you, or for America.

We don’t want our country turning into The Walking Dead; we want it to remain a viable, strong economic power.

Here’s how we can do that…

I’ve uncovered three powerful energy companies that are at the forefront of unlocking new technologies that will protect and strengthen our aging, ineffective electric grid so we can avoid a catastrophic failure from hackers, or an ISIS cyber-attack — or any other danger that threatens our power supply.

All three of the companies I’m recommending today operate at a profit and have a history of building wealth and generating real shareholder value.

They all have strong balance sheets and greater prospects than almost any other new tech energy company out there.

But the important part is that with these companies you are not just buying a promise of big returns — you’re buying real profits with companies that are paying you in dividends NOW, as well as in capital gains.

You must know about these companies today, because those who want to attack America are looking directly at America’s electric grid.

It’s a target so critical to our way of life that without it, reports say 9 out of 10 Americans could die.

Top government officials are concerned about cyber-attacks on this important part of our lives — our power supply.

Not just attacks by “Russians,” or whoever is practicing on Ukraine. They might just sell the software as soon as they perfect it…

Islamic State In America?

Officials are raising concerns that members of the Jihadist Islamic State are also setting their sights on attacking America’s aging and vulnerable electric grid.

This could cause a blackout, leaving all of us without power for weeks, months or even longer.

According to CNN Money, “The FBI now worries that the Islamic State or its supporters will buy malicious software that can sneak into computers and destroy electronics. An attack on power companies could disrupt the flow of energy to U.S. homes and businesses.”

Imagine this scenario…

…A piece of malware introduced by an ISIS supporter infects electricity generation control rooms in parts of the northeastern United States…

…The malware goes undetected until it is triggered and releases its payload, taking control of hundreds of generators with specific vulnerabilities…

…Causing the generators to overload and burn out, in some cases causing additional fires and explosions…

…Destabilizing the northeastern U.S. regional electrical grid (a complex network of power plants and transformers connected by more than 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines)…

…And plunging 93 million people in 15 states into darkness without power.

“The loss of electricity would ripple across the social infrastructure with water distribution affected within several hours; perishable foods and medications lost in 12 to 24 hours; loss of heating/air conditioning, sewage disposal, phone service, fuel re-supply and so on,” says energy expert John Kappenmann, a leading advisor for power companies.

Imagine the chaos…

Immediately, inside your house… the lights, refrigerator, television, microwave and internet wouldn’t work…

Outside your house… the banks, ATMs, restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores and gas stations would begin to shut down…

Shortages of food and water would soon follow, followed by riots and an explosion in crime.

“…within 12 months of a nationwide [energy] blackout, up to 90% of the U.S. population could possibly perish from starvation, disease and societal breakdown.” -- James Woolsey & Peter Vincent: The Growing Threat from an EMP Attack

USA Today reports, “If an attack were to cause a long-term power blackout, the societal results could be devastating. Many devices — ranging from elevators to gas pumps to ATMs — would power down within hours. If the outage lasted several days, telecommunications and mass transportation systems would no longer be able to function.”

The bottom line is this…

With our inadequate grid security and fragile transmission systems, America’s electric grid is an easy target for ISIS and other hackers who want to do harm to America.

And frighteningly, according to Dr. Peter Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an attack on our grid “could happen tomorrow. It could happen next week.”

And without electricity — whether it’s brought on because of cyberattacks, sabotage, severe weather or accidents — our lives, as we know it, would come to a grinding halt.

The fact is, we are the most energy-intensive generation ever to exist on this planet and we’re increasingly reliant on electricity for every aspect of our lives.

And with an outdated electric grid that’s based on over 100-year-old technology, we’re susceptible to a devastating attack on our vital electric grid.

As former Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson said in an interview on CNN, "We're the world's greatest superpower, but we have a Third World electricity grid.”

With ever-increasing risks of terror attacks on our power system… we’re desperately in need of new technologies to protect our electric grid. Just look at this troubling statistic…

The Wall Street Journal reports, “The U.S. could suffer a coast-to-coast blackout if saboteurs knocked out just nine of the country's 55,000 electric transmission substations on a scorching summer day, according to a previously unreported federal analysis.”

You read that right… all ISIS would have to do is destroy 9 out of our 55,000 substations and we could plunge into darkness for weeks, if not months.

That’s why I’ve put together an urgent special guide with details about three companies poised to save America from a devastating power failure with a more sustainable, robust and decentralized energy grid.

In just a few minutes, I’ll tell you how to secure your copy of this eye-opening guide Safe Harbor Income-Builders: Stocks that Will Pay You in this Increasingly Volatile World.

But first, let’s look at how these three energy powerhouses are sitting on one of the biggest growth sectors in the world — the explosive electricity generation and distribution sector — and how that could keep America safe … and if you invest, make you a windfall of cash.

Save America, Supercharge Your Portfolio

Every day, over 321 million people in the U.S. count on utility companies to turn on the lights, provide heat, power the internet, run the refrigerator and so on.

It’s big business. The Edison Electric Institute reported that total revenues from sales to end customers equaled a massive $388 billion in 2015 and when the 2016 numbers come in, it could be over $400 billion.

When you compare that to other big industries in the U.S., you get a good grasp on just how enormous the electric utility market is…

It’s no wonder these three energy giants are doing everything they can to make this monster economic engine run better and smoother with a smarter, better protected and more reliable electric grid.

Electricity was primarily a luxury when the majority of our grid was built 50, 60 years ago,” says Otto J. Lynch, vice president of Wisconsin-based Power Line Systems, in a Washington Post article.

Most people didn’t require computers to do their jobs every day. They didn’t need the Internet access. iPhones didn’t need to be charged, and communication was all hard-wired, so you could still make a phone call when the electricity was out.

And with new technology — and a growing population — comes a wave of new users demanding even more electricity, bringing more money into the utility sector and putting more demand on our aging electric grid…

…Leading to what the Washington Post calls an
“aging power grid on overload
as U.S. demands more electricity.”

For savvy investors… like you… who get in early on energy companies that provide solutions to protecting our aging, inefficient energy grid, the payout could be enormous — and almost no one knows about it yet, even with the recent gains in the overall stock market.

How Vulnerable is our Electric Grid?

In an interview with Scientific American, Smart Wires CEO, Jim Davis says: “The U.S. electric grid has served us extremely well for more than a century. But, now the grid is getting old and is in need of modernization through a technology upgrade if it wants to maintain reliability and adapt to the evolving market.”

A recent blackout in Washington D.C. highlighted the increasing vulnerability of the aging grid with Reuters noting, “The fact that a severed transmission line in Maryland could cut power to much of the nation's capital became the latest warning sign that the country's aging electrical grid can't meet modern demands.”

But it’s not just aging infrastructure that’s causing an increase in power outages across the U.S., there’s also a massive increase in cyber-attacks, weather incidents and physical attacks on our failing electric grid…

And the threat from incidents like these are increasing…

The problem,” says consulting firm founder Jonathan Pollet, “is we’ve taken this old infrastructure and only upgraded the computer technology… but the actual assets are still old.”

In fact, the Department of Energy issued a 494-page report saying that the “total investment requirements necessary for grid modernization range from $350 billion to $500 billion.”

Who’s at the forefront of the upgrades and protection?

The three energy giants I’m going to tell you about today are all major players and technology pioneers in the electric grid overhaul and modification that could drastically reduce the chances of a catastrophic failure to our electric grid.

But before I discuss these three emerging energy powerhouses, let’s look at how the Oracle of Omaha is spending billions acquiring energy companies like the ones I’m going to share with you… and how that could be a huge “buy” signal for you…

Follow the Smart Money… Warren Buffett is Investing Billions into the Energy Sector

Warren Buffett is one of the greatest investors of all time, so when the billionaire shows a huge interest in a sector, it pays to listen.

And over the last century, he’s certainly been big on energy, especially utilities, which provide a guaranteed rate of return. In fact, since 1999, Buffett has shown his love for utilities by investing over $22 billion in this sector.

So why is the “Oracle of Omaha” so big on utilities?

In an interview with Bloomberg Business, Lawrence Cunningham, George Washington University professor and author of the book, Berkshire Beyond Buffett, said: “Buffett has always steered Berkshire toward the future. Lately, that has meant intensifying the company’s focus on rudimentary, long-lasting businesses.”

To Buffett, utility projects are attractive because they allow continued reinvestment and add-on acquisitions. He has been involved in utility projects since 1999, acquiring the MidAmerican Energy Company, the largest electrical utility in Iowa, for $9 billion.

Since then, Buffett has added on two major utility companies and a power transmission company to Berkshire Hathaway Energy, for a total cost of $22.4 billion.

And at a recent Edison Electric Institute convention, Buffett showed his enthusiasm for the clean energy sector by stating that he might reinvest about $30 billion into it in the next decade, saying: "We're going to keep doing that as far as the eye can see…

So should you follow in Buffet’s footsteps and buy utility companies?

These energy stocks get the
“Bob Livingston Seal of Approval.”

My research team and I have worked for months combing through annual reports, sector and stock analysis and other stock market data to find the smartest energy stocks to invest in right now.

I had a hard-nosed checklist of criteria each investment had to meet in order for me to consider it.

Rock-Solid Companies. I don’t mess around with my money. I don’t like risks. I mandated our team to look at companies with strong financials. I want to invest in financially bullet-proof companies.

Rock-Solid Sectors. I’m not going to invest my money in the “next Facebook” only to watch it disappear as technology changes. I wanted companies in long-term, stable industries.

Must be Profitable Now. Time is money and I’m not going to waste mine on companies that “might” make money in the future. We dug through each company’s financials and only focused on the ones operating at a profit right now -today!

Dividend-Paying Companies. I instructed our team to only look for companies that pay you to own them. If you do not invest in dividend stocks then you lose 50% of the market gains over time. The reason dividend stocks outperform is because they pay a percentage of their profits to investors. Investors can either take the cash and spend it, or reinvest it. Plus, a company capable of paying money to investors is a company that is “MAKING A PROFIT”.

Once we had the best stocks in the best sectors, we filtered them to find the companies that pay the most to own them. What we ended up with is “the best of the best” income-producing stocks that I believe every investor should look at right now.

My top blue chip energy stocks for building steady income and a giant nest egg.

I’ve taken all of our research and published it in a brand new special income guide, Safe Harbor Income-Builders: Stocks that Will Pay You in this Increasingly Volatile World.

As you probably know, the world is entering a new phase. The U.S. economy and market is becoming more and more dependent on the energy sector. This sector will continue to be the cornerstone of the U.S. economy for decades to come.

I worked to find stocks that can not only survive, but can thrive in this new reality. There are two ways to take advantage of this new market reality:

1. Find the remaining growth opportunities that pay you like a business partner. These three companies, for example, are paying between 3.8% and 4.6% consistent quarterly dividends. Where can you find a CD or bond investment paying that kind of return?

2. Find the companies that are not only ports in the storm, but have built a reputation of being the highest quality long-term investments in the markets.

That’s what we’re looking at here: The core energy companies everyone turns to when there doesn’t seem to be any safe place to turn. Including companies like…

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